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The Northernmost bastion of the civilisation of Men, the Mærcians are a technologically sophisticated race adept at castle-building,siege-craft and economic expansion.
Mærcia fields holy Friars, erudite Magisters, mystical Wizards, and Knights in shining armor that strike fear into the hearts of even the most veteran soldiers.


The Wylfings are a federation of three distinct races: The ‘Aelfin’: barbarian clans of early Men,  The ‘Dweorg’: strong but primitive cave-dwelling troglodytes and the ‘Thurns’: Giants that sup on humans.
Wylfings tame beasts of war such as the Giant Wisent and the Mammoth, and their druids and shamans commune with nature and the sacred forests of the North.


The Orcs are an ancient race of uncertain origin. While oft-dismissed as an old wives’ tale, an ancient codex called the “Doomsday Book” is known to attest to a time long past when they set the world ablaze. It describes the Orcs as children of the Underworld, possessed by dæmonic energy and demented beyond reason – their thirst for the blood of men matched only by their appetite to for torment.
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Medieval Fantasy in a Primeval World

Alternate history and prehistory with an embodied medieval mythology: Mammoths roam the steppes, sabre-toothed cats stalk the underbrush, while towering castles hold sway over fiefdoms
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MMO at Unprecedented Scale

A massive world built to support millions of players & AI. With a background smashing world records in hyperscale MMO server technology, we are pushing the boundaries of persistent immersive worlds

Genre Fusion:  Survival, RPG and RTS

Your sense of self and identity are intimately tied to your RPG character. Develop your self or the world around you, whether it be as a merchant, artisan, renowned hero or the greatest ruler the world has ever seen. The choice is yours
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Feudalistic Warfare and Politics

Feudalism is the order of the day! It shapes the landscape: villages and towns, fiefs and kingdoms and the allegiances of liege lords and their vassals; players strive for wealth and power; warfare and diplomacy shift borders, while adventurers and merchants find safety in towns and citadels, paying taxes where they reside
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AI Peasants

AI peasants inhabit the world. They have a natural tendency to organise into settlements and eke out a meagre living, never aspiring to anything greater than a pastoral village life. Players may annex their lands and work them to serve their ambition. Peasants serve their lords as long as their physiological (food, shelter) and emotional needs (happiness, spirituality) are met
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Sentients: Malcontents

AI minions and bosses are locked in a struggle for dominance. Bosses gather servile minions and fight other bosses. The longer a Malcontent survives and succeeds the stronger it becomes. The handling of such threats is a job for powerful heroes, but act quickly for even a petty provincial concern may grow in time to imperil the realm itself!

A World Brought to the Very Brink:
To The Edge of Order and Chaos

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Play as Man, Wylfing or Orc in a land steeped in superstition, myths, old religions and menacing beasts. Find safety and community behind the palisades of villages or the towering walls of player-built citadels.

Each faction has its own unique characteristics in their innate strengths, proclivity for magic and its forms, technology, social order and political organisation. Each faction is motivated by different things, whether it be the desire of Men to spread their faith and way of life or the Orcish thirst for blood and corruption.

Where do you belong? 
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What is Edge of Chaos?

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Edge of Chaos is a persistent MMORPG-RTS game and medieval fantasy simulation set in an evolving, persistent world called Eorthe. Emergent effects and events procedurally shape the natural order of the world, as well as the social and political landscape. No two realms (shards) will ever be alike. No two experiences the same.


Feudalism is the order of the day. Villages, towns and citadels are built, nurtured and ruled by players assuming the roles of kings and lords. Warfare and diplomacy shift the borders of kingdoms over time. Peaceful citizens of commerce inhabit player-built settlements, earning their own fortunes via craft and trade. Adventuring heroes slay monsters for quest rewards and valuable crafting reagents, or brave dungeons in the pursuit of treasure.


Edge of Chaos aims to be the de facto medieval fantasy incarnation of the Metaverse where players can stay immersed in a convincingly life-like alternate existence for the next several decades. It is an MMO game in one sense, but in another aims to re-create a fantasy existence in the digital realm, powered by distributed, data centre-scale engine technologies and the blockchain.

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Character Creation

Man | Wylfing | Orc

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Orientational RPG Tutorial

Choose a path to progress

Path of 

The Noble


Path of the



Path of the














Feudal Lord



Form a Council and kickstart your fiefdom

Collect Taxes and Grow Your Economy. Employ the best merchants and crafters

Recruit an Army and expand your rule 

Hire Mercenary Heroes of Great Renown

Master Trade & Commerce or Hone Your Skills as a crafter

Build your workplace: Farm, Smithy… Shop

Architect fortresses and cities; craft the Most Powerful Armaments and Siege Weapons

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Explore perilous lands beyond  the edge of civilisation. Slay  exotic monsters  Loot and Sell Rare Reagents

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‘Sellsword’ to Lords
and Kings 

Fight your way to great Personal Power. Complete quests and earn rewards from Townsfolk and Rulers

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Create-2-earn economy in a feudalistic world

Path of the Adventurer

Adventurers explore the fringes of the world, vanquish grave threats, acquire rare resources and treasures and serve powerful rulers

Path of the Citizen

Citizens inhabit settlements, drive commerce, craft goods, pay taxes to rulers and are backbone of the
player-driven economy

Path of the Noble

Nobles build the world by developing settlements (villages, townships, citadels)
and redrawing borders by engaging in warfare and politics

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A ‘Living World’ that evolves coherently but unpredictably. Rich in natural resources (cryptos) that NPCs and Players gather, trade and consume

Peasants (AI NPCs)

Malcontents (Malevolent AI)

Peasants inhabit the world and have physical and emotional needs they strive to satisfy as they populate and spread across the world

Malcontents strive for dominion. “Minions” seek strong masters; “Bosses” compete and level-up in a Darwinian struggle; morphing from a local annoyance to a serious global threat


Inflationary Crypto Assets:  Wood (trees), food (plants and animals), stone, iron and gold can be gathered, harvested or mined by AI and Players

Ecosystem Dynamics

Animals feed on plants and fall prey to yet other animals, forming a dynamic ecosystem

Procedural Flora

Plant species thrive according to their biome, growing, reproducing and occupying ecological niches but are curbed by herbivores, AI and players

Eorthe World Map

Handmade Map of the continents, terrain and biomes in the Edge of Chaos lore

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Our Malevolence.AI tech ensures that game bosses are no longer empty lore that lacks real presence in the world. If some great evil arises, raising armies of minions to wreak havoc upon the world, then it will pose a real existential threat to players and the world itself. Players and ‘good’ AI will need to band together and act both heroically and strategically to vanquish such a foe.
World-Ending events can completely upset and reverse the order of the world. Kingdoms will fall, and new civilisations will rise from the ashes.

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..Want to know more? 


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